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The Parish Council comprises of 8 Councillors, who may remain in office until the next Local Government elections in May 2023. The council does not have any committees.

The parishes of Hackness and Harwood Dale each have 2 councillors, the other parishes each have one.

Your Parish Councillors (and the parishes they represent) are:-

  • Cllr. D. Dickinson - Broxa cum Troutsdale (Vice chairman)
  • Cllr. P. Chapman - Suffield
  • Cllr. P. Foxton - Silpho
  • Cllr. M. Hugill - Darncombe cum Langdale End
  • Cllr. J. A. Lockey - Hackness
  • Cllr. H McGregor - Harwood Dale
  • Cllr. Ms J Myhill - Harwood Dale
  • Vacancy - Hackness

Your Borough Councillor is:-

  • Cllr. David Jeffels.

Your County Councillor is:-

  • Cllr. Derek Bastiman.

The Clerk to the Parish Council - Mrs J Marley - is the Parish Council's only employee and is contracted to work 3 hours/week.


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