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The Parish Council comprises of 8 Councillors, who may remain in office until the next Local Government elections (which are to be held on 2nd May 2019). The council does not have any committees. If you wish to stand as a candidate in the May elections, please contact the Clerk before 23rd March.

The parishes of Hackness and Harwood Dale each have 2 councillors, the other parishes each have one.

Your Parish Councillors (and the parishes they represent) are:-

  • Cllr. D. Dickinson - Broxa cum Troutsdale
  • Cllr. P. Chapman - Suffield
  • Cllr. P. Foxton - Silpho
  • Vacancy - Harwood Dale
  • Cllr. Mrs K Hugill - Hackness (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr. J. A. Lockey - Hackness
  • Cllr. Ms J Myhill - Harwood Dale (Chairman)
  • Cllr. M. Hugill - Darncombe cum Langdale End

Your Borough Councillors are:-

  • Cllr. Derek Bastiman and Cllr. Hazel Lynskey - who attend meetings of the Parish Council.

Your County Councillor is:-

  • Cllr. Derek Bastiman - who attends meetings of the Parish Council.

The Clerk to the Parish Council - Mrs J Marley - is the Parish Council's only employee and is contracted to work 3 hours/week.


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